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Microbiology studies

IDEA Microbio offers in its Brest laboratory all the microbiological studies required by the cosmetic industry. IDEA Microbio is one of the two establishments of IDEA Lab, the IDEA TESTS GROUP subsidiary dedicated to in vitro testing. Choosing IDEA Microbio is surrounding yourself with a team of experts, reactive and human-sized, integrated within a group dedicated to the in vitro and clinical evaluation of cosmetic products.

Microbiological tests for the cosmetic industry

IDEA Microbio
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IDEA Microbio
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Quality control

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IDEA Microbio
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Stability studies

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IDEA Microbio
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Microbiological efficacy

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Sophie CORRE

Doctor in microbiology, Brest Lab Manager

While microbiological analyzes have always been key indicators in the assessment of the safety of cosmetic products, the issue is crucial at the moment with the development of bio and "no" formulations.

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